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🔥The shoulder bridge exercise. Strengthen gluts, quads,hamstrings,pelvic floor,abs & back muscles🔥

🔥This shoulder bridge is great for, strengthening your gluteal muscles, quadriceps, hamstrings, pelvic floor, abdominals and back muscles.

🔥Most notably the tiny ones which control movement of each individual vertebrae and can weaken after episodes of back pain.

Why is it an important exercise❓

Bridging simply gives space to the body by working the underused muscles and stretching out the overused muscles. This allows the body to have more room to function with ease. Along with your basic fitness goal of looking good, remember that bridging also makes you feel good.

What muscles does bridge target❓

✅But the main muscle used in the bridge is the gluteus maximus muscle, the largest one in the buttocks.

🔥This will go a long way towards toning your gluts to give you the shape you want! THEY WILL HELP WITH LOWER-BACK PAIN: The bridge helps to reduce lower back pain as well.

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