Sample Videos of My On-Line Classes

Pilates Leg Exercise 

Side leg raises target your leg muscles primarily but also core stabilization muscle groups.
This leads to several benefits including:
- Better range of motion in the hips.
- Better body stabilization.
- Use of muscles that aren't usually active in those who sit for prolonged periods each day.
- Improved muscle endurance.

Booty Band Workouts


'Booty Bands' are a type of resistance band made from latex or material fabric. They are designed to wrap around your thighs, at any point above the knee, although they can also be used below the knee for certain exercises. This relatively short & thick resistance band will add pressure, support or resistance to leg muscles during lower body movements.

As the name suggests, these bands were created to target the hips in all of their possible movements (flexion, extension, abduction, adduction, and external/internal rotation). Ultimately, this will help improve both hip strength & mobility, while also promoting glute gains (which is why they are known as booty bands).

The 'Booty Bands' have however taken on a larger role. Resistance bands can be utilized in many ways during warm ups & workouts, as well as mobility training. From priming muscles & improving form to increasing resistance & honing in on specific muscles, Booty Bands can benefit the performance in all areas of the lower body muscle groups.



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