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Do you want to improve your posture, core & back strength, flexibility & well-being? Pilates

🔥Online Pilates Courses start from Mon 8th March🔥

Daily morning & evening classes catering for beginner, intermediate & advanced levels. Join me online live from my 'Fitness Hub'.

Why Pilates?❤️

👉 Pilates is a whole body workout.

👉 It is adaptable to many fitness levels & ability levels.

👉 It creates strength without creating bulk.

👉 Increases flexibility, mobility & strengthens core & back muscles.

👉 Improves posture & increases energy.

👉 Promotes weight loss for a long lean appearance.

👉 Increases the mind body connection

Book now, just message me, limited spaces ❤️

I am a Pilates & Postural Correction Teacher with many years of experience in the fitness industry. I have experienced the benefits of Pilates myself, and also with my class members & personal training clients. I love introducing people to this incredible workout, why??'Because it works'.❤️❤️❤️

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