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New 4 Week Block of Pilates Power starts Wed 7th Feb @ 7pm.Join me live online. Pilates Online Classes

Updated: Feb 21

👉One of the main benefits of Online Pilates is that it is just like being in the studio.

The Instructor can also see you do your exercises, so they are able to advise you of how to adjust and move your body just like in the studio.

2. Your Own Time

After every Online Pilates class, you can access the recording, which might be because you really enjoyed it, or you might want to practice a certain exercise in your own time. With studio classes you don’t have this option, but with Online Classes you can re-watch every class and even pause the video to see exactly what position the instructor is in to give you greater guidance.

It is also beneficial that if you are unable to attend a class, you can still access the recording, ensuring you never any classes.

3. Convenience

Online Pilates classes are convenient for members as it helps to save them a lot of time. They can take part in classes from the comfort of their own home and they also save time from not having to travel to and from the studio. This means you can take part in your class each morning and still have time for all the otheryour day.

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