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My live online resistance classes. Tone & sculpt, increase your metabolism by lifting weights💪

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

I just love these weights classes that I teach on a weekly basis, both live online & in Kinsale.

👉My belief. Be a motivator & always strive to be the best Trainer that you can be❤

💪Of course encouraging others to exercise is my number 1 passion & goal always as a Personal trainer & Pilates Teacher.

👉When it comes to fitness, finding the motivation to exercise can be the biggest hurdle. Even if you already know how to work out and have a sound fitness plan, getting excited about completing your fitness classes can still be tough. This is where I come in.

👉I try to motivate & encourage my class members to create a driving force toward their fitness goals. Always talk with your doctor before making any changes to your current exercise program.

💪See video below from my weights class tonight live online. Let me motivate you, why not join me❓❓

Motivation Is Extremely Important In The Fitness Industry

It's especially important when it comes to exercise, getting fit, getting healthy or losing weight.

As they say, a little motivation goes a long way. A fitness professional who motivates their clients will always get them to consistently perform better.

Be Positive and Patient

I always try to keep a positive head, and I do believe this helps to motivate class participants . When communicating with people, I always keep a positive attitude and a positive way of communicating.

❤Maintaining a positive attitude and focusing on the progress your clients have made instead of the hurdle that still lies ahead is imperative. I try to encourage self belief, it may be cheesy, but it’s true!

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💪Come and join my classes, I would love to motivate you to achieve your health & fitness goals. More info, email


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