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🔥My next ‘Pilates Power’ online course starts Fri 25th March @ 11am.Gain lean muscle,core & back💪

🔥Ideally, you will use hand weights as you would other Pilates equipment,

💪Meaning that the equipment is used in a way that sends attention, information, and energy back to your core. Also, even if the weight is light, hand weights will create extra stability work for your shoulders, core, and pelvis.

🔥With these definitions in mind, Pilates and lifting weights are both forms of resistance training, which can be used to improve muscular strength, an aspect of muscular fitness.

💪Of course you can participate in this class without using weights, I t’s still a challenging workout even using the weights.

🔥Evening ‘Pilates Power’ course starts Wed 6th April @ 7pm.❤️If you would like more info,or advice on whether this class is suitable for you, contact 087-9514346

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