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🔥Pilates Power🔥Wednesdays @ 7pm & Fridays @ 11am.💪Join me live online💪.

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

✔Conversely, Pilates incorporates more eccentric muscle loading, which creates strong, lean muscles.

🔥Research shows that a combination of eccentric and concentric movements creates stronger muscles faster. Pilates has numerous corrective benefits as-well.

🔥Join me every Friday @ 11am for this incredible 1 hour workout.

Just book through the website,it’s as easy as that.

Please note,this class is not suitable for a beginner.

Pilates is perhaps best known for the way it effectively tones and strengthens muscle.

✅If you perform Pilates on a regular basis, you'll see and feel obvious muscle changes. In the beginning, as you start to build muscle, you may gain it faster than you lose fat. When this happens, your scale doesn't accurately reflect your success.

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