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PSOAS BALANCE.⚖ Balance between agonist & antagonist muscles, key to health & tone of muscle tissue.

Proper balance between agonist & antagonist muscles is key to good health & tone of muscle tissue & of the organism in general.⚖️

👉Many people think that the only antagonist (opposing muscle) to the rectus abdominis (abs) is the extensors of the back, ie the erector spinae, when in reality the psoas opposes the rectus as well.

👉Which is why fixing back pain using only back exercises is generally a bad idea. It's much more about muscle balance (seen in picture above).Proper balance around the spine promotes a healthy back because the rectus-psoas complex pulls the body & helps elongate the spine.

👉If your hip flexors are giving you back issues, you need to find out why the psoas is stiffening up & stopping your spine from moving freely. Only then will you be on route to a 🤞 PAIN FREE BACK!🤞💖

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