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🔥Sept Online Fitness Timetable🔥Book now✔️

💪Sept ‘21 Timetable💪

🔥Mon 30th Aug Pilates beginner @ 7pm & Weights @ 8.05pm

🔥Tue 31st Aug @ 10.15am Booty & thigh burn🔥 & Pilates power(with weights) @ 7pm

🔥Wed 1st Sept @ 10am Beginners Pilates & Advanced Pilates @ 7pm

🔥Thur 2nd Sept @ 10.15am weights & *New class* Fusion @ 6.45pm.

🔥Fri 3rd Sept @ 11am Pilates power(with weights).

Join me live online with a wide variety of daily morning and evening fitness classes, designed to get you fit & toned this Autumn.Pm to book.087-9514346

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