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😎Summer '21 Fitness Class Timetable. Get Fit for Summer: It’s Easier Than You May Think💪

Join me for both Outdoor & Online motivating fitness classes.

💪Regardless of why you want to get fit this summer, it is going to require some work. No one gets in shape overnight and it won’t happen while you sit on your couch, either. For those looking to get in shape and enjoy everything the summer has to offer, starting your fitness plans early is one of the keys to success.

June/July '21 Timetable

Mon @ 10.30am Bum & thigh burn & Pilates beginner @ 7pm & Weights/Resistance @ 8.05pm

Tue 10am Outdoor Beginners Bootcamp in Innishannon & Pilates Power(with weights) @ 7pm

Wed am Beach Pilates Kinsale

Thur @ 10.30am Weights/Resistance & H.I.I.T @ 6.45pm

Fri @ 11am Pilates power(with weights).

Please Pm to book a class now (087-9514346).

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Instagram ‘keane-on-Fitness’

🔥Why You Need to Start Now🔥 You already know that there are several benefits to exercise and improving your fitness levels. By setting fitness goals, you can improve your health and feel more energetic. Improved fitness can even have benefits for your mental wellbeing. On their own, those benefits should be enough to motivate any person to get started on their fitness plans right away. However, when you set a deadline like getting in shape for summer, there are several reasons why you should start as soon as possible.

🔥It Will be Easier to Sustain🔥 By giving yourself more time, you not only make your fitness goals more attainable, you also make it easier to achieve sustainable results. When you wait to the last minute to do things like lose weight or tone your body, it forces you to turn to things like crash diets and intense workouts. Crash dieting has a history of being hard to sustain, and when you work yourself out too hard, it can be easy to get burned out. People commonly give up on these types of fitness strategies, so it is better to give yourself enough time to get fit in a way that is more manageable and sustainable. 🔥It’s Healthier🔥 Taking your time is also the healthier way to lose weight and improve fitness. Extreme diets are not only known for being hard to sustain, but they can also be bad for your health. That’s certainly not something you want to be dealing with while working to achieve your summer fitness goals.

Tips for Getting in Shape Before Summer 💪Work on Cardio and Resistance Training💪 If you want to get fit for summer, you should balance your workouts with cardio and resistance/strength training. Since cardio does burn more calories, it will be more appealing to people who are trying to lose weight, but strength training is a key part of physical fitness. Strength training will build strength and endurance for a better overall fitness than you could get from cardio alone. Additionally, muscle also has a higher metabolic rate. While more muscle won’t dramatically change your metabolism, it can help to offset the lowering of your metabolism, which is a common effect of restricting calories. 🔥Find Your Workout Routine There is no one workout routine that is going to work well for everyone. Different people have different fitness goals, and there are various body types and lifestyles that can determine the right workout for the individual. For some people, working out from home will be the right answer. For others, heading to the gym might make more sense. You also have people that like to work out every day and others who might decide to work out every other day. If you want to be successful with your summer fitness plans, you need to find a workout routine that works for you as an individual. 🔥Change It Up Doing the same exercises every day can get a little boring. That's why I offer a wide variety of classes for my students. Beyond that, changing your workouts can be a good way to improve your overall fitness. If you have been doing the same exercise routine for a while now, try to change things up and add some new variety to your routine. You could do cardio one day and then switch to strength training the next. If you like to run and swim, you can alternate these exercises to keep them fresh. For your strength training, you could plan different days for working on different parts of your body. 👍Avoid Injury Again, it can be easy to get injured when you are just starting with your fitness routine. Add to that the fact that you set the summer as a deadline, and you might be tempted to push yourself harder than you should. Instead of jumping straight to pushing yourself hard, take it easy at the beginning and build the intensity gradually. Along with that pain that comes with an injury is the fact that you will have to stop working out while you heal. An injury could completely derail your fitness goals, so it is better to be careful.

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