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💪Work abdominals as well as arms.A compound exercise to work on from my live online Pilates classes

💪What is a compound exercise❓❓

A compound exercise is any movement where you're using more than one muscle group at a time.

❤️Consider this 'Pilates Single Leg Stretch Exercise' from my Pilates Power Workouts(Exclusive to my online clients), now you are working core as well as toning your arms, whilst also working on the flexibility of your legs.

🔥To put it simply, compound exercises are any moves that work multiple muscle groups simultaneously.

🔥I like to use a lot of muscle groups during my workouts. If you would like to join me, either live online, or at my onsite classes in Innishannon, Kinsale & Carrigaline Cork. Just Pm me for more info on all classes.087-9514345

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