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Zumba Toning Returns💦💦🏃‍♀️Live Classes commence Thur 5th Nov @ 7.30pm in Innishannon Hall💦❤️💪

We are back!🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️💦💦❤️❤️💪

Zumba Toning back by popular demand🔥🔥❤️❤️ 🏃‍♀️💪Zumba is a fitness program that combines Latin and international music with dance moves. Zumba routines incorporate interval training — alternating fast and slow rhythms — to help improve cardiovascular fitness🏋️‍♂️

💪Benefits of Zumba Toning💪

✔️Improve body composition

✔️Increase muscle Tone

✔️Improve cardiovascular system

✔️Improve co ordination by learning some dance moves.

✔️Improve your balance & flexibility.

✔️Enjoy your workout to motivational fun music.

🏃‍♀️Starts thur 4th Nov @ 7.30pm in Innishannon hall.Enrolling now.

✔️Booking essential.087-9514346.

❤️Instagram ‘keane-on-fitness’

Facebook Fitness with Debs

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