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Ways to stay motivated about your fitness routine

Have you promised yourself that 2021 is year things would be different especially in terms of being fit & healthy. You are going to run that race, go to fitness classes, lose some of those excessive fats to get into your favourite pair of jeans again. You have a goal &can easily attain it. All you need to do is change your strategy, motivate yourself to make your goal to be fit turn into reality.

Strategize your fitness goals once again:

Just having a goal doesn’t mean you can attain it. If you keep asking yourself, ‘how will I get motivated’, you are already heading towards the wrong direction. You can’t motivate yourself unless you try and hit the taste what it is like to work out in the first place.

You need to have a clear goal, just saying you want certain kind of body doesn’t help. Fitness has more to do with a sentiment of achieving overall fitness. Remember it is more than just about losing those extra pounds.

But first, find your identity. It can be Online Fitness Classes, Zumba, Pilates, H.I.I.T Classes, boxing workouts, Resistance Workouts, or functional training. Try to find out what you enjoy the most. There are going to be challenges, good days & bad, but you will have to push yourself a little harder & not let the temptation to give-up settle in.

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