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❤️A big thank you for attending my Pilates Classes this year, both onsite & online.Much appreciated❤

💕Thank you to everyone who attended & provided feedback & reviews about my fitness classes & weight loss challenges.

💕Many of your responses were filled with gratitude. Some were inspirational and even humbling.

✅All your input will go into my planning, preparation for the Jan'23 term,

and development for what’s to come, so thank you for helping me stay focused on what matters to you!

👉You can always share your feedback or book for next years classes on Facebook 'Fitness with Debs' & or Instagram 'Keane-on-fitness' connect with me for early access on New Jan 2023 Schedule.

🙏I am hoping that there will be a class that suits you, no matter what your fitness level, age ,ability.

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