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🥘'Fake Away' Homemade 'Chicken Korma & whole meal Nan Bread. Would you like this delicious recipe?

✔The fakeaway is becoming increasingly popular with households all over the country. People have realised that they can cook a dish just as delicious as their favourite takeaway staples at home, without spending a fortune or consuming an extortionate amount of calories and fat.

👌You don’t have to be an expert chef to rustle up a fantastic fakeaway. There are a number of exotic ingredients you can buy from the supermarket, and as you are making a healthier alternative with lots of fresh ingredients you can even get away with using a few ready-made paste from jars.

Fakeaway cooking time is incredibly speedy and you could even prepare your takeaway food on a different day and freeze it, so all you need to do is pop it in the microwave whenever you fancy it.

🧡Nan is so easy and quick to prepare and cook.

My children love it with this Korma Recipe🧡

✔For the Nan, it is just a simple mix of whole meal flour, olive oil, a pinch of salt & sugar and greek natural yoghurt.

❤Love takeaways, but cheat day is oh-so far away? Not a problem anymore.

End Result. Delicious Healthy Chicken Korma with whole meal Nan Bread.

If  you would live this super easy Chicken Korma Recipe?? 

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