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Get fit, lose weight & enjoy your workouts this Spring ‘22💪Join my group exercise classes💪

💪Get fit, lose weight & enjoy your workouts this Spring ‘22

👉Join my group exercise classes in Innishannon, Kinsale & Carrigaline. Am & Pm workouts. Let me motivate you to achieve your fitness & weight loss goals.

✔Workout to motivational music & a wide variety of exercise routines to suit all abilities.

✔Group exercise classes have clear benefits for your health & well-being, & the side effects – think lowered blood pressure, improved glycemic control, better Bmi, better sleep – are overwhelmingly positive.

💪My Fitness classes in full swing in Innishannon Parish Hall (see image on left)

👉Group exercise classes have particularly beneficial effects.

✔Exercising with other people can supply that enjoyment, even if the activity itself is difficult or not something you love.

❤The benefits of group exercise classes❤

SOCIAL. Meet like minded people and make friends.

  • FUN. Training with others creates a fun atmosphere – as they say, time flies when you are having fun!

  • STYLE. No matter what your style is, there is a class for you.



❤Group exercise can turn working out into a fun social activity, which could lead to you continuing to do it weekly, which helps maintain healthy weight, muscle tone & motivation.

👉Live Online Weekly Classes also available. ✔More info.087-9514346 ❤Instagram ‘keane-on-fitness’ ❤Facebook 'Fitness with Debs'

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