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Improve your joint mobility.

I have a very beneficial mobility class Mondays @ 10.30am.A gentle but effective class working on all the joints of the body through subtle movements. Easing pain & discomfort &stretching tight muscle groups. You will feel rejuvenated & energized, ready for the rest of your day. This class is suitable for all ages & fitness levels. JOIN ME,BOOK NOW

. Joints need to be strong so that they move better & in the right position. They need to be mobile enough to allow the muscles to do their job properly.

5 Ways Mobility Can Improve Your Health

  • Lower Injury Risk. Very often injuries occur when lack of mobility results in the inability to perform an exercise properly.

  • Increased Strength.

  • Improved Posture.

  • Reduced Stress.

  • Reduced Lower Back Pain.

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