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Just Some of our April/May '6 Week Fitness & Weight loss amazing transformations'

🎈Well done to all who took part in my April/May '6 Week Fitness & Weight Loss Challenge'.

🎈Amazing results from all who took part again this time around. These are just a few of our success stories🎈.

❤This is Abbey, our 'Biggest Loser' from March/April 6 week challenge. So successful the first time around that she decided to extend her plan to 12 weeks. This has truly been a life changing transformation for this amazing lady. Now 2 stone lighter, her Body Mass Index (BMI) has dropped significantly, & her fitness levels have increased on every component of fitness, her energy levels have greatly increased, along with many more health benefits❤.

❤This is Ber from our most recent April/May 6 Week Weight Loss Challenge. Ber totally focused in on the nutrition plan and adored the recipes. Losing a whopping 12lb,this seemed almost effortless each week for her.💪A huge well done💪.

❤This is Sharon from April/May 6 Week Fitness & Weight Loss Challenge. Also losing 12 lb. A great work ethic from start to finish. A big difference in just 6 weeks for this busy lady who fitted in this challenge around her hectic work/home life schedule. 💪Great job Sharon💪.

❤This is Una form our April/May 6 Week Fitness & Weight Loss Challenge. A busy Mom, Una found the convenience of the online workouts very achievable & never missed a session. The results speak for themselves. 🔥Fantastic work Una.

😊I am very proud of all the participants. Congrats to you all on such amazing transformations🙌.

🔥If you would like to lose weight & get fit this summer?? 🔥My new 6 Week Fitness & Weight Loss Challenge starts Mon 31st May, with limited places remaining.

✔Pm or contact me 087-9514346✔

👍Follow me on Instagram 'keane-on-fitness' for more health & Fitness Tips.

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