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Lift & Tone Class start Thur 7th April @ 10.30am in Saile Kinsale & Wed 6th @ 8.05pm Live Online

💪Tone & Sculpt, burn calories, increase your metabolism by lifting weights💪

  • Resistance training is a form of exercise that improves muscle strength and endurance.

  • During a resistance training workout, you move your limbs against resistance provided by your own body weight, gravity, bands, dumbbells. 💪Any exercise where you push, pull, or otherwise try to work against some type of resistance can be considered resistance training

💪In its simplest form, resistance can be provided by moving your body against gravity, as when doing a pushup or plank. It can also be achieved via using weighted dumbbells and doing exercises such as biceps curls, incline chest presses, and deadlifts.

Benefits The benefits of resistance training are many. Research shows that they include

:Improved physical performance

  • Better ability to control bodily movements

  • Increased walking speeds

  • Reduced belly fat (also known as visceral fat)

  • Enhanced brain function

  • Higher self-esteem

Do I need to belong to a gym to do resistance training❓ No, absolutely not! In fact, some of the best strength training routines include primarily bodyweight exercises.

💪These are movements done against the resistance provided by your own body's weight and gravity.

👉Join my live online resistance classes and workout in any room in your house, very little space is required for this class.

👉Follow me on instagram 'keane-on-fitness' for more health

& fitness tips.

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