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🎈My 4th Fitness & Weight Loss 6 Week Challenge ended today & wow what fantastic results🎈.

🤞During Covid, my clients reached out to me for help & assistance because of weight gain & bad lifestyle habits that just kept increasing slowly during the pandemic.

So I drew from all my skills as a Personal Trainer & Ex Army Fitness Instructor to devise a plan for fitness & weight loss gains with a view for long term sustainability🏃‍♀️.

✔From the start I was determined that this would not be a diet, but much rather about enforcing healthy lifestyle changes & encouragement to eat good nutritious food.

✔So my plan began to develop, as I studied & prepared to present what I believe is a really efficient way to lose weight and get fit, but more importantly, to maintain a healthy weight moving forward on a long term basis.

👍This has been my '4th Fitness & Weight Loss 6 Week Challenge' which ended today and wow, what amazing results. I had the privilege to mentor, guide & encourage such a lovely group this term. It was a pleasure.

🎈Above see this very inspirational lady Clare Ann who lost over a stone in the 6 week challenge through sheer hard work at my online fitness classes & focusing in on her healthy recipes. Amazing work, I am very proud of you🧡.

Have you gained weight this year❓

I can help & guide you to establish healthier eating habits & lifestyle subtle changes for long term weight loss results. If you would like to see more results & reviews from those who completed My 6 Week Fitness & Weight Loss Challenge from my personalized plan?? Or maybe you would like to find out more info on what is involved❓

✔This challenge is online with me as your own personal coach, so you can participate from anywhere in the world. The results speak for themselves🧡

👍Follow me on Instagram ‘keane-on-fitness’ & check out my Instagram stories to see their amazing weight loss journeys..

🎈Another fantastic lady who simply smashed the goals I gave to her weekly.

Caroline lost over a stone on my 6 Week Fitness & Weight Loss Challenge. Great job, such an incredible work ethic throughout the process. A joy to work with. A huge congrats🎈

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Excellent well done 👏 guys 🥳

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