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❤My 6 Week Fitness & Weight Loss Challenge. Results Time!!

🎈Drum roll please🎈. Our 6 week fitness & weight loss challenge finished today & our biggest loser on this challenge is Tracy with an amazing 17 pounds of weight loss🎈.

❤Tracy kindly decided to share her pics in the hope of inspiring others to get fit, lose weight & incorporate healthy lifestyle changes for long term results.

✔Check out her story over the last 6 weeks on @ fitness with Debs on Facebook.

🎈 Well done to everyone & yet again, every candidate lost weight on my challenge.

❤You are all winners & it was amazing to work with you all on this. I am extremely proud of you.

❤Super proud of this young lady also. Not easy completing this challenge in a different country & a different time zone, but Olivia never missed any of my Online weekly H.i.i.T Classes & loved her meal plans. She worked extremely hard, her results speak for themselves .A joy to work with.

This is Bernadette, & probably one of the most inspirational participants from all my weight loss challenges so far. Ber persevered despite a severe spinal injury. We focused more on nutrition, and modified all the workouts so that she could still participate, but at her own level, despite limitations.

So proud and happy for Ber. Truly a life changing experience & proof that you can do this, despite any adversity thrown in your way.❤ Legend🎈


✔If you want to lose weight & increase your fitness levels on my specifically designed exercise & nutrition plan??.

👍Pm me for info on my next 6 week challenge. Very limited places available. Download my app.

Follow me on Instagram ‘keane -on-fitness’.

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Well done guys we deserve a pat on the back 👊🏻 we got there and now more than ever we need to look forward and focus…here’s to us 🍎

Jul 09, 2021
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Well said

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