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My Army Career

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Joining the army had always been my dream from a very young age. I was attracted to it because of the sheer physicality of the job. I was fascinated with

both achieving and maintaining the fitness level required for a combat soldier. I loved the sense of purpose within for serving my country both here in Ireland and Overseas missions. Pushing yourself in ways that you never knew would be possible. Overcoming challenges and obstacles at every turn. The PE Corp was always my ultimate goal, so after passing the fitness test and interview, I was accepted for the Military Physical Training Course in the Military Physical Education School in the Curragh Camp Kildare. Deemed to be one of the most physically demanding courses in the Defence Forces didn't deter me, as I was absolutely determined that this would be my path. Long, tough, lonely being away from family and friends, but I loved every second of it. Successfully completing the course, I returned to Cork where I was responsible for training Platoons and aiding them to reach the required fitness standard. I was also responsible for fitness testing soldiers on an annual basis. I coordinated swimming courses and taught many soldiers how to swim. These are some pictures from that 10 year period of my life. '

That which doesn't kill you, shall only make you stronger'

Overseas Missions.

Military World Orienteering Championships in Norway.

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