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Pilates Ab Prep Exercise. Perfect your technique & learn to perform the exercise safely & correctly

🔥The ‘Pilates Ab prep‘Exercise brings all 5 Basic Principles into 1 easy exercise.

✔️You may think this is an Ab Crunch. The difference is the position of your pelvis through out the entire movement. This abdominal exercise is done in Neutral. You should have space in your lower back, pubic bone and ASIS (anterior superior iliac spine – the boney part of your pelvis that sticks out) should create a parallel triangle to the floor. This position should be maintained as you flex forward. Most either slightly tilt the pelvis posteriorly or push their lower back into the floor. When you do this you end up using your rectus abdominis, back muscles and or glutes and not your transverse.

🔥How to do this exercise correctly 🔥

The Set-Up: Laying on your back in Supine. Pelvis is in neutral, with your ribs connected to the floor and pelvic floor is lifted to engage Transverse. Your arms are straight down by your sides. Make sure your scapula are set in neutral, there is a tendency to depress and protract your shoulders.

INHALE: Nod chin to chest. Think of lengthening the back of the neck to bring it in line with your thoracic spine. This should not be a forced movement, it should be gentle and there should still be space between your chin and your chest.

EXHALE: Flex forward, reaching your hands to your feet and bringing your head forward with your shoulders as 1 unit. Feel the space in your lower back and a sensation of pulling your ribs toward your hips.

INHALE: hold the flexion

EXHALE: lower yourself back down to the floor, feeling a sense of lengthening of the abdominals.

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