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*Pilates Teaser Exercise*.Improves strength, flexibility, control & balance🧘.

🔥What is a teaser in Pilates?🔥

✔The Teaser is an original Pilates exercise performed in a mat workout.✔

❤It's a terrific exercise for balance, flexibility & spinal mobility👍 because it incorporates the entire core & back to keep you upright in a V position on your sit bones.

🔥The Pilates teaser exercise🔥, which is part of the classical Pilates mat sequence, has been notorious for challenging people since Joseph Pilates first brought it to the United States in 1923.

👍1 So don't feel alone if you find it difficult. Also, don't give up.

The teaser is an exercise that is still worth learning because it can help you develop better strength, flexibility, control, and balance.

👍2 When done properly, a Pilates teaser can also help you create a flatter tummy. So it's a must for me.🧡 I love it🧡.

🧘Strength & activation of the abdominals, hip flexors, & anterior leg muscles are targeted with the Teaser. Controlling the motion challenges these muscles along with stabilizers of the spine, inner thighs, lower legs, & shoulders. Flexibility is also challenged & imperative for the full execution of the Teaser🧘.

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