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Why Hip Mobility is so important & why I incorporate mobility exercises into all my Pilates Classes.

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

🔥Us working this morning at our Pilates Class in Kinsale, Cork on hip mobility & range of motion of the hip joint.

💪Having strength and flexibility in our hips is important for us all, but as we age, it becomes even more so.

✅A lack of strength can increase the risk of falling and cause a hip fracture, which is a serious concern for seniors, as well as make day-to-day activities more challenging.

💪Why is mobility in the hips important for athletes?

💪Hip flexibility and mobility allow athletes to become more powerful and perform athletic movements efficiently.

💪From powerful dives off the blocks in swimming to jumping over hurdles with greater ease at a track meet, hip mobility enhances athletic performance.

🔥Joint mobility, muscle flexibility and improving balance and control are also integral aspects of each Pilates class.

🔥Increasing hip mobility and muscle length around the hip will promote a greater range of movement and prevent joint stiffness.

✅Pilates also helps with injury recovery and prevention.

🔥My new Pilates Term starts from Mon 17th Oct'22 at all my usual venues and live online.

✅Would you like to join me?

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