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Why is lifting weights/resistance training so important for our overall health? Join me online.

If you knew that a certain type of exercise could benefit your heart, improve your balance, strengthen your bones, & help you lose weight all while making you look & feel better, wouldn't you want to get started? Well, studies show that resistance training can provide all those benefits & more.

Strength training — also known as weight or resistance training — is physical activity designed to improve muscular fitness by exercising a specific muscle or muscle group against external resistance, including free-weights, weight machines, or your own body weight, Improved muscle strength & tone can protect your joints from injury. Maintaining flexibility & balance, which can help you remain independent as you age. Weight management & increased muscle-to-fat ratio – as you gain muscle, your body burns more kilojoules when at rest. So it's a win win.

5 Benefits of Strength Training

Benefit 1: Maintaining Muscle Tissue.

Benefit 2: Increased Strength.

Benefit 3: Improved Bone Health.

Benefit 4: Controlled Body Fat.

Benefit 5: Decreased Risk of Injury.

Join my Online Resistance Workouts every Mon & Wed @ 8.05pm & Thur @ 10.30am.All levels catered for. Just Pm to book a class

As we Age

As we age, strength or resistance training becomes key to adding new muscle mass and maintaining good overall health & bone density, not to mention toned upper arms. Building muscle increases our ability to burn calories, perform activities of daily living & change the way our clothes fit.

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