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Why should you do Pilates & why do you need to start at beginner level?

As with any sport or discipline, it is crucial to start at the beginning. There have been many fit people, many athletes, that have attempted to jump into Pilates classes without starting at the beginning. Before long however, the realization comes that to achieve real results from Pilates, the path always leads back to the start.

My Beginners Pilates Classes on Mon @ 10.30am & 7pm.Wed @ 10am are appropriate for the entry level student that will help you get started. These are in depth lessons that introduce the major concepts practiced in class & are designed specifically for the first time student.


I am a passionate Pilates Teacher with many years of experience under my belt. I have taught not just individuals, but I have also worked with sports teams to improve flexibility & enhance performance by exercising injury free, through the method of Pilates. I will teach you the Pilates Mat work, breathing technique & refine your technique, maximize your results by learning from the ground up! So what are you waiting for, join me now.

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