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‘Abs & leg burner🔥Tone your abdominal muscles & leg muscles at the same time with this exercise.

💪Ready to tone & strengthen your legs, & get a healthy dose of core work, too?

👌 I've totally got you covered.

💪This exercise from my online Pilates Workouts is designed to strengthen your quads, adductors, abductors, &


💪I've also thrown in some unilateral exercises (drills that target one side of your body at a time) @ my classes to help you build strength evenly—trust me, this is crucial.

💪What's more, you don't need any equipment for my ‘Online Pilates Workouts’,—but don't worry, you'll still feel the burn. Plus, it's going to prep you to take on more challenging lower body moves, like weighted squats and deadlifts @ my Live Online Weights Classes’. Join me❤️.January '22 Courses filling up fast, book now to avoid disappointment

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Booking essential for all classes.


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