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'Swan Dive'. Strengthen Back, Core Muscles. One of my all time favourite stability ball exercises❤❤

💪A Swan Dive is an intermediate-to-advanced Pilates move that works the back, abdominals, glutes, hamstrings and inner thighs. It will strengthen the back of the body while stretching out the front of the body, making it a full-body exercise💪

✔Today’s exercise, Pilates Swan Dive, will increase muscle tone and endurance on muscles important for your back and posture. As previously mentioned in the series, make sure you gradually advance through the exercises and consult your doctor if this program is right for you.

❤You have to create stability firstly, roll back and exhale. Inhale rolling forward, and keep your glutes engaged.

❤Once you see the benefit of a flexible, mobile core muscles, the relief to your back now that it has a proper support.

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