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🔥Arms & Abs Burner🔥.Sculpt & Tone your trouble zones @ my ‘Pilates Power’ live online classes.

💪STRENGTH: The primary benefit to adding weights to Pilates exercises is to add tone and strength to all muscle groups.

💪Particulay core muscles including back, stomach, shoulders,arms, & chest.

💪The great thing about Pilates with weights is you create strength without bulk🔥

💪Benefits of Using Light Hand Weights in Pilates💪

🔥Muscle Toning🔥

Even lightweight will add some extra muscle toning potential to exercises. Depending on the exercise, you could call on an extra effort from muscles in your arms, back, shoulders, chest and down into your core.

💪 In true Pilates style, we practice resistance on both the exertion and release. That way we use eccentric contractions that build long, strong muscles👌

👉My unique ‘Pilates Power’ online classes recommence from Mon 10th Jan’22,so book your place now.

❤️❤️Looking forward to exercising with you in 2022❤️❤️

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